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Welcome to Spacemaker Cots™ and Sheets U.S.A.

At Spacemaker, we have cots and sheets to fit every need, every size, every person and pet… at the highest quality and best value around.

Whether you’re…

  • …a childcare/daycare or adult care center where nap time is part of the daily routine…
  • …an EMS professional who needs to create an emergency shelter…
  • …an airport or other facilities manager who needs extra beds when the weather turns…
  • …a camper or traveler who needs cots for people and pets…
  • …a family that needs extra beds when company’s expected or…
  • …a veterinarian or someone running an animal shelter, kennel, pet spa or hotel…

…Spacemaker Cots makes a cot – and the sheets that fit them — just for you.

Our ultra-lightweight structured aluminum* cots have been the top pick of many of these industry leaders for over decades now.
And because we manufacture all our products right here in the U.S.A. at our Atlanta-area factory, we offer the best quality, value and service around.

When you buy direct from Spacemaker, you’re not buying from some big box store. You’re buying from a family-owned manufacturing business where relationships are number #1.

And, when you buy from Spacemaker, you help create jobs here in America!

*Adult cots reinforced with steel.